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I am Vegan!

I am Vegan! Yes, I am!

Why you may ask?  Because I don’t want to see others suffer, whether they be human or non human.  Because animals have their own lives and experience their own fun, family and feelings.  Because who I’m I to take the life of another.  Because the planet is letting us know we are doing things wrong.  Because I believe in peace and non-violence.  Because we can feed the world if we went vegan.  Because my body feels so much better since I went vegan.  Because….there are many other legitimate reasons.

I didn’t start out a vegan and know that I heckled my friend, who since a young age, was vegetarian and then went vegan.  So I know all the excuses or the retorts one can give.  However, what I know now is that I was ignorant and was just playing the, “it’s been done this way”,  game that happens to all of us.  We are young and we get fed all these beliefs, rules and regulations and everyone is telling us how we need to be.  But, if you take a moment and think for yourself you come to realize my last statement.  I believe I am of reasonable intelligence and can make my own mind up and not buy into what everyone says just because they say so.

My plea to you is this, forget about how natural it seems to do like everyone else is doing, they have been fed the same lies and restrictions as you.  Instead, think about the planet and its call for help.  Think about those who are starving (right here in America) and could be fed.  Think about the violence and suffering the animals experience for the selfish whim of man.  Think that humans and non humans deserve the same right to live unharmed by anyone of us. 

When you think these things over I hope you will at least consider becoming vegan for the right reasons.  This is not a fad nor a diet.  This is a way of life.  When you do become vegan, your body will thank you.  You will know what not being a graveyard feels like.

I challenge  you to go vegan for a more peaceful, healthier, harmonious world.10155761_616189461797760_8468133243387096450_n

Rev. Nancy Arenas






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