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What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?

Nancy Arenas & John Burchell announce the Release of their new Vegan Children’s Book, wdvm

Albuquerque New Mexico – Local Albuquerque ballroom dance partners, Nancy Arenas & John Burchell, have added another inventive project to their repertoire.  The two have created a wonderful vegan children’s book that explains, What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?  This book is a love project for Nancy who is trying to convey the message of love and compassion for all humans and non-humans alike. The vibrant lovable characters, Castielle and Duncan, will fascinate children with their simple story of love and compassion for the whole world.

What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?, is a new and exciting to share with all children but specially vegan kids.  The book has colorful illustrations and a wonderful conversation between a brother, Duncan and his sister, Castielle. The book is 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches.

Nancy Arenas & John Burchell are proud to offer their newest work, What Does ‘Vegan’ Mean?, now available on


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