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Spread Compassion and Kindness

Teaching others and our children about veganism, is to be kind to themselves and to all sentient beings.

You have more power than you realize.  Choose products and services that fall in line with a vegan lifestyle. 

  • Eat a vegan diet.
  • Buy products that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
  • Don’t participate in any kind of hunting. 
  • Purchase Vegan friendly products.
  • BE against dissecting animals.
  • Support local and national vegan eateries.
  • Don’t purchase items with fur, fur trim, or any other animal-derived products ie. fur, leather, suede, silk, wool or down (feather) products.
  • Support non-animal entertainment.
  • Support vegan shops.
  • Do not support zoos or parks that keep animals captive.
  • Make sure your companion animals are neutered or spayed.

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