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Excitement in the Air

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There is a new program available to elementary schools that we are excited about,educateducare
The educateDUcare program is being launched this Fall by Reverend, author and vegan activist, Nancy Arenas as a not-for-profit project. The educateDUcare program is a social development program that utilizes facts, compassion, diet and empathy as the tool to effect social change.  educateDUcare is an in-school residency designed for every child, regardless of background or experience.

Our objective is to build social consciousness, self-reliance and sense of worth in children through the practice of compassion for themselves and others.

More details soon to follow.








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Food Can Heal the World

by Ann Gentry

That’s a pretty big statement! Remember the song, “We can heal the world?”  How couldwant to earth anyone in the last 20 years forget?  Love: heal the world, food: heal the world.  Love and food are interconnected, but lately food seems to be getting a lot of people in a lot of trouble.  In these same twenty years, statistically, the world over, people are getting bigger and more overweight. More processed food is being eaten and tight money times are pushing people toward cheap, comforting fast-food. But for all the poor choices of food being pushed at us, there are plenty of good ones too. With films like Food Inc and advocates like Michael Pollan and Jamie Oliver, an intelligence about food, a ‘real food’ consciousness, is starting to take shape.

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South Valley Dia De Los Muertos Vegan Altar

Sunday November 1, 2015  at the South Valley Dia De Los Muertos,  we erected a ‘Vegan Altar’ for the unknown animals slaughtered each year at the hands of mankind unnecessarily.  It was well received!

South Valley Dia De Los Muertos, 'Vegan Altar

South Valley Dia De Los Muertos, ‘Vegan Altar”

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